Tales of Ivalice

Walk from Darkness (Sol entry #3)

Drifting through days as if were dream.

Clarified with Erestor that we travelling to New Guinea. Much of time spent wondering what happened these past days. Killer? Shaman? And what of this new Dragonborn? Rhogar, his name? He seem to know about fighting. A lot. Maybe he pull us together and we fight better!
Signs lead me believe the Shaman is within New Guinea. Always with opportunity is despair. Mako been very silent these days. Eyes overcome with glazed-over look. That maybe normal, but still. Lack of action lead one to believe things.
Met Rhogar at local militia. Never stayed long. Had much word with Rhogar, told him of us. He very interested in our motives, and would fight with us. Left militia soon after. He came with, but on these words: We have a common interest.
What that means, I not know. Need to sort valuables. Have much in pack I not need anymore.
When we get to New Guinea, I myself will have long awaited rest. Maybe beer. Don’t know, never drink much. Feel myself getting stronger. Still practice in night, when friends asleep… Afraid of their input. Don’t want any to learn that I still not full trained.

Spirits of the Foxes, help keep my eyes sharp.

. . . Hear something nearby. Very fast, and close. Got my weapon out, stared into darkness. Pleaded plants to hide in. Don’t know what to do. Hope my friends not be attacked…
could be scout.



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