Tales of Ivalice

Tales of a Hunter: Log One

Today we found ourselves in a dungeon filled with goblins, a wolf, and Dire Wolf. Never have a seen a mightier band of warriors than I saw in my companions! We had a little difficulty keeping the beast in its cage, but our mage came through with a magical hand that closed the gate for us. That done we fought hard to slay the other beasts, and Balasar threw the grey wolf into a 10 foot hole. I admire his strength, and his resolve to destroy evil. However, toward me, there is no quarter. I am drow, and so he despises all that entails. I can see it in his eyes. My other companions, such as Valen and Onegar, do not look upon me with such scorn. As a matter of fact, it might be that i will have to protect Onegar from his fear of goblins out of a past unfortunate “incident”. Today he did well though. He got his first kill against a goblin. He has done well. Now as for the Dire Wolf, that was an interesting encounter. Balasar actually leaped into the cage WITH the beast. Bravery of arrogance? If the latter then he has most definitely backed it up. Over his shoulder I fired arrow after arrow, and eventually the beast fell. Though I have proved myself in battle, he still is wary of me. Oh well. It is none of my concern. I will not waste away trying to have everyone like me. But I hold faith that he will open his eyes. And as for my other companions, brave and valiant work my friends. Well done.

-Drizzt do’Urden



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