Tales of Ivalice

Past Haunting (Sol Entry #2)

Was not expecting today’s outcome.

Learned more about who I follow, and can understand why Adinimys was so forward with me. Curse me and luck.
Erestor has been kind, and heeded my following. Apparently I be a valuable asset to his success. For what reason, know I not. I showed some kindness to my allies today. Took down every creature within dungeons we continued through, spare Dire Wolf which was tamed. Mako-zhana showed side I never have guessed. Locked himself within blood stained room with all the corpses we ended with. Cared not for his necrophilia, although it phased me at time.
Together with Dire Wolf, Me, Erestor, Adinimis, Lance pulled statue into gaping hole. Potions broke in hole, released faint aura. Mako emerged from doors in wonder, only for second. We agreed to take rest.
Deep in night, Adinimys awoke with knife. A noxious fluid emitted foul smell. That, and his clumsy feet awoke me. Screamed to alert allies. Together, killed Adinimys with arrow through head in pit. T’was me whom tossed him in. Erestor made brutal shot through head. Found much loot, most went to Erestor. Found bag of coins and note.
Note was unintelligible except for marking stamped. Shaman responsible of parent’s death is afoot. Erestor almost died. Dark person emerged with knife, demanded sack back, note and hoard of cash we gave back.
Conversed later at bar. Erestor marked me as favorite. Found new ally. Dragonborn with us now. Harder to think now. Fear for all of us. Must avoid Shaman…
During whole spelunk, Lance mostly was unnoticeable. Never realized he present.




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