Tales of Ivalice

Clerics tale's day three

IS THERE A LEVEL TO WHICH A BEING CAN HATE ANOTHER?! Corlieon have mercy on my and may he allow me to control my temper… like head priest Dal’lin said, “anything done in anger will end in stupidity.” I’ve tried numerous offerings of peace to the lizard…(i cannot think of a derogatory term for him at this moment…nor do i wish to…) however it only has landed me more pain. We ended up getting into a minor confrontation he pissed in my water. I chucked it right at him.the ensuing fight left the courtyard of the tavern we were staying in so construed with debris from the dirt and rocks that apparently they just finished cleaning the mess a hour ago; i’ve barricaded my door as well and have my sword right next to me. Well back to good news. Onagar has regained his senses, he’s gotten over his paranoia after “the incident” also i had a “incident” of my own. I now must slap my self constantly at the sight of disturbing things for i am strangely aroused now…I at this point believe these catacombs must have some form of reality bending charm hex…whoever put in place must be stopped. At any rate, Wizard says nothing… Drizzit is silent…no change there…I now understand what it means to be alone…with two silent companions and one rival if not enemy…only positive for me is I’ve learned a few new languages… insulting goblins in their native tongue is quite humorous

Why couldn’t I have been dropped of at wilderness hut and been a ranger?




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