Tales of Ivalice

Balasar:End of day 12

This morning I was hired by a man called Old Keller to kill some Goblins, I was in the Tavern at the time, I am fine with helping The town with it’s problems, but why did we have to hire the these idiots. The cleric is either incompetent, or an assassin pretending to be a moron, By Bahamut I hope it’s the latter then I’ll get to tie him up and be done with him, He’s jumpy as hell to he nearly shit himself when that goblin flanked him. The drow elf is definitely an assassin but my creed keeps me from delivering the first blow. The dwarf managed to pass out and get himself exposed to the…“elements.” I’m not sure what to make of the wizard but I’m sure I’ll hate him, At least He’s useful though.

After I’m done cleansing the this unholy ward I’m going to bed…with one eye open.



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