Tales of Ivalice

Walk from Darkness (Sol entry #3)

Drifting through days as if were dream.

Clarified with Erestor that we travelling to New Guinea. Much of time spent wondering what happened these past days. Killer? Shaman? And what of this new Dragonborn? Rhogar, his name? He seem to know about fighting. A lot. Maybe he pull us together and we fight better!
Signs lead me believe the Shaman is within New Guinea. Always with opportunity is despair. Mako been very silent these days. Eyes overcome with glazed-over look. That maybe normal, but still. Lack of action lead one to believe things.
Met Rhogar at local militia. Never stayed long. Had much word with Rhogar, told him of us. He very interested in our motives, and would fight with us. Left militia soon after. He came with, but on these words: We have a common interest.
What that means, I not know. Need to sort valuables. Have much in pack I not need anymore.
When we get to New Guinea, I myself will have long awaited rest. Maybe beer. Don’t know, never drink much. Feel myself getting stronger. Still practice in night, when friends asleep… Afraid of their input. Don’t want any to learn that I still not full trained.

Spirits of the Foxes, help keep my eyes sharp.

. . . Hear something nearby. Very fast, and close. Got my weapon out, stared into darkness. Pleaded plants to hide in. Don’t know what to do. Hope my friends not be attacked…
could be scout.

Balasar: Day 14

Well we just smited some goblins down there I can hear the one we captured screaming outside, that’s what you get for hitting with a flail, THROUGH A FLETED BED, later we’ll interrogate him.
Fang seems to be enjoying his part.

Today Flex dies, Tomorrow I head home.

Calender Of Ivalice
Day Summer

Dusk Fall
Night Winter
Dawn Spring


BLAST IT ALL!!! I finally thought I’d be done with that cleric, He was innocent, which means he actually just is incompetent. Well at least I did my duty and upheld my oath. Well tomorrow I well be able to slay this “flex” where e stands he has proved his intention, and a good smiting well keep my temper under… just as mother taught me. Fang seems to be able to feel my anticipation and is a little anxious, quite an amazing beast he is. Well at least I’ll still be able to kill the dunmer.

This Damned Piece of Trash.

How have I angered Bahamut to deserve this… I well have to represent that villainous cleric tomorrow as his Arbiter, Bahamut damn this oath to the Nine Hells. Well now it’s my turn to rest Onegar’s got the next watch, I’m really tired but I have to take another shift after Onegar, I’ll be damned before I let that damned dunmer watch me as I sleep. Hopefully he’ll strike soon so I won’t have to worry about it any more.

I want to go home...Clerics tale
I want to go home...Clerics tale

I grow tired…I was bound by that lizard… still hates me…brought before a court…proved innocent but still…you know what…I wish not to write tonight all i can say is this…After this quest I’m going back to the temple…The only one that seems to not want to kill or maim me is Drizzt…i can count him as my only ally, possibly Onegar… but he’s to drunk to tell at some points. That is all I shall write, for the days weigh heavily on my mind… or maybe that’s the blunt force trauma that ass Balasar inflicted on me… I grow weary, and wish not to scribble anything else.

Tales of a Hunter: Log Three

Today Valen came too close to losing his life. Balasar accosted him in his quarters at the tavern. He ordered me fiercely to bind his hands. I told him that I do not agree with his methods, but justice must prevail. I told him I would do it if he defended Valen in court. He said “I’m not doing it for you coalskin. I am doing it to serve my creed.” I then bound Valen’s hands, and we set off for Hammerfast, the dwarven city from which the bounty poster was sent. On the road there we came across a ferocious Rage Drake. Using my knowledge of creatures, I tamed the beast, although the drake did feel inclined to submit to Balasar’s superior strength.. Balasar now uses it as a mount, and has named the animal Fang. Perhaps this might have changed his disposition towards me. Although, more likely, he probably thinks I aided merely to try to get him to lower his guard, so that later I might stab him in the night. When we finally arrived at Hammerfast, we went to the courthouse, where Balasar defended Valen. Onegar read the dwarven seal aloud to the court. The speaker for the dwarven merchants said that he had commissioned no such thing. The prosecution was a gnome by the name of John Terryisford. He was furious at his loss, however not furious enough to refuse a proposal of intimacy with Onegar. His sexual orientation made it easy for Onegar to seduce him into meeting in a back alley. While Onegar felt him up, I snuck behind the brigand and deftly took a letter, as well as 300 gold, and an unwanted item. With this evidence we proved Valen’s innocence once and for all, and sent the accuser to jail. We now head for the den of scoundrels who backed Terryisford. Our stride has quickened, and we make haste. We will meet them on our terms, and then they will answer for their crimes. Who knows what we may find?

-Drizzt do’Urden

Are We Gods?

It is a dark day when the fates of men can be decided by the strong few. When a man is prosecuted with little evidence to the deed in question. It is a dark day when we forget what justice is. Are we gods? Nay. We are men. And we are just men of the law. Men should have no such power over life without question. Only gods and demons take life of worshipers for misdeeds such as the one in question. I ask you this question. Is it in your gods will? Or yours? Only by answering this question may we make the dividing line between the just, and the corrupt. Is it justice by law? Or justice by word of mouth? I beseech you. What creed do you follow? What law? How can law exist, when the strong prey on the weak and helpless. What law exists, when the life of a man is taken away on hearsay? During my time in Menzoberranzan I witnessed what was passed for “justice”. The strong were applauded and the weak condemned to death at the hands of the ruling council. When we take a mans life into our hands as we are now, are we any better than the justice of my evil kin? For whatever god you worship, and for whatever code you may follow, I implore you. Is it justice?

-Drizzt do’Urden

Morning of day 4
Clerics lament

Luckily my hood has been up when entering the pub… How am I the source of a 10,000 gold bounty?! What sort of crime have I committed?! The Paladin is involved I’m sure…What’s worse is the fact I remember that Girl…I did heal her…so why the hell did this happen?! Was she on a hit list?! Did my actions stop some smuggling ring? Is Keller behind this? No…I’m going straight to my prime suspect…or the one who would turn me in…Also need to check with Drizzt need to see if he has extra clothes…Also…though it pains me…it may be a good time to crop my ears…


The cleric of Corellon who has done nothing wrong.

If this journal entry reaches anyone’s hands after this point, offer a prayer for the falsely accused, and those who are forced into hiding for unjust reasons… Corellon save me. Also, if Bahamut is listening, please have your paladin listen to my plea for aid…For I have done nothing so wicked as to deserve this, and do wish for peace with him…so that the greater good can be well served.

Morning Of Day 13 Part 2
Bahamuts Grand Talon!

By Bahamuts Grand Talon! I can’t find that blasted bounty slip!
I suppose it matters not, to earn a bounty like that is enough justification for me to strike him down, I well have a harder time justfying my actions though, but I suppose not turning in the bounty well be more then enough for The Order to let me on leave to gather evidence of his wickedness, ‘course if I get my way he’ll still be squakin ’nuff to tell them himself.

That clerics a marked man.


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